What is Guidely?

Guidely is cloud based audio tour guide system typically used by museums and expositions.

Guidely provides cost-effective audio tour solution where the author (owner of the gallery or exhibition) pays the flat monthly fee. There is no initial cost or standing fee.

Guidely is hosted service so as an author you don’t have to worry where to store your audio tracks and location details.

How Guidely works?

For visitors: User opens and selects the gallery or exhibition he or she is visiting, then chooses exhibit to listen to the audio guide.

For authors: Owner of the gallery or exhibition logs in and creates the audio guide and adds exhibits by providing name, description, image and most importantly the audio content which your visitors will listen to.

There are 2 ways for creating audio content with Guidely:

  • the author records audio into MP3 format and uploads on the Guidley console
  • or the author writes text which will is then converted to high-quality audio track using advanced text to speech technology called Amazon Polly. It’s the same technology which powers Amazon Alexa and Amazon Echo.